Maximize Pull Up Bar – Doorway Pull Up with 3 Sets of Screw

Sometime it becomes difficult to choose the best doorway pull up bar that fulfills all your requirements. When you have a medium budget and you want to use it properly in buying the convenient pull up bar you have to depend on a Doorway pull up bar. Keeping your budget in mind you can buy Maximiza Pull up Bar – Doorway Pull Up with 3 Sets of Screw which is Strength and durable at the same time.

maximiza pull up bar


This Maximiza Pull Up Bar Doorway Pull Up. It was simple to install and an effective way to build potency in the chest and arms include screw in installation brackets for use in any doorway Fit doorways up to 32” (81cm only) Durable chrome plated. Maximize pull up bar heavy duty sit-up bar comes with high characteristic chrome longer from grip that home training program. Very comfortable grips are secured to the bar to minimize.

Exclusive Feature of Maximiza pull up bar

The Maximiza Pull up Bar is a perfect discoloration to any fitness routine for upper-body strength and toning. Its multipurpose uses include pull-ups, chin-ups; dangling leg raises sit-ups and crunches. It is simple to add more transformation and disadvantage into your Pull-up Bar exercises. The most harder-duty chrome steel bar and the multifarious screw-in door mounts provide safety. You really need exquisite space in your house to do highly feasible body weight troop training. it permanent to fit testimony doorways Intermediates 26 and 36 inches when extended. The heavy duty chrome trencher steel bar comes with ministerial foam extremity grips. There are 3 sets of cincture which can be tanked into up to 3 timbered door frames in your house.


Grip Position:

This bar has so much comfortable hand-grips non-slip extra-long foam grips for extra lenience to minimize hand fatigue. Use for many exercise that’s help user to build muscles and tone the body. And it always offer comofrotable grip option than wall mounted pull up bar or ceiling mounted pull up bar.

Build Upper body strength:Maximiza Pull Up Bar

Heavy-duty chrome steel pull-up bar and door mounts provide great corroboration and safety – holds up to 300lbs. (136kg) when properly mounted using supplied screw-in door cincture, it feels safe and secure door. The maximiza pull up bar is perfect for build upper body stringent to Tone and strengthen your back, arms, shoulders and abs brawn for the consummate upper body workout.

Varieties Usages:

You can easily perform varieties pull-ups or chin ups by using this comfortable grip position including hanging leg raises, sit-ups and crunches and take full benefits of pull ups. Just this one bar allows performing of different exercise with three foam padded grip position.

A chrome plated bar with padded gripsMaximiza Pull Up Bar

The maximiza pull up bar made by heavy-duty chrome steel. It extends from both ends, and has perfectly-placed padding that covers almost the entire bar. The padded grips make them comfortable to hold as also reduce any unexpected danger.

Necessary Information

Product safety and usage information- Install only solid and stable door frames using the mounting supported door mounting kits only. It is mounted to the door frame and the safety of this bar depends on how it is act for the bar.

Note: Pull up assist bands help you to do more pull ups with comforts. If you know how to do pull ups perfectly.

What we like (PROS)

What We Don’t Like (CONS)

Before buying any kind of bar you just check our full buying guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can i hang my 70 pound punching bag from it?

A: why not, I’m 170 pounds; if it can hold me without falling apart you should be good.

Q: What is the minimum width of the door?

A: The minimum width for this pull up bar is 26 inches



What customer says?

“Great exercise equipment. Easy to install, fits in with decor, secure and sturdy. Glad we made this purchase.

Inexpensive but not cheap.”

“Super sturdy. Mounted it to my wife door frame at work.”

Final Word:

When you plan to invest your valuable money you should be careful about investing it in the right place. Maximize Pull Up Bar – Doorway Pull Up with 3 Sets of Screw is such a product that you don’t have to regret after buying it. If you are planning to buy best pull up bar for home this device is one of your best options.


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